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What is Gilsonite?

Gilsonite uintaite is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon resin with properties that enhance the performance of critical applications across multiple industries.

Gilsonite or natural bitumen , is a mineral that is very similar in appearance to coal. Because of this feature, miners often confuse this substance with coal.

There are more than a hundred different types of coal in the world; however, Gilsonite is only similar in appearance and differs greatly in chemical properties and features. Simply put, coal is being formed by decomposing thousands of years of plant residues; meanwhile, Gilsonite is made up of thousands of years of animal remains.

The primary ingredient in Gilsonite is crude oil. In fact, the crude oil in underground mines has lost its volatile material over thousands of years due to pressure and has become a thick, bituminous material. It is a black substance with a shiny and, of course, very brittle surface, which today is called Gilsonite based on the name of its discoverer.

Gilsonite can be dissolved in organic solvents such as carbon disulfide, toluene, and tetrachloroethylene while being insoluble in water and alcohol solvents. Pure Gilsonite contains 70-80% carbon, 15% hydrogen, 5% nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, metal elements as well as 15-30% volatile organic compounds. The high content of carbon and nitrogen causes specific properties of Gilsonite. The average molecular weight of Gilsonite is 3000 which is higher than other asphalt products and synthetic resins. In terms of composition, it is a quasi-polymer compound.

Also known as Natural Bitumen (Natural Asphalt) is a Heavy Hydrocarbon formed directly from crude oil reserves, it is produced when the volatile elements of crude oil are evaporated under immense pressure during many years and with specific physical and geographical conditions, therefore Gilsonite is in Solid shape with dark color and high carbon content and based on each mine geology Gilsonite could have different specifications.
Mineral bitumen is our trademarked brand name for uintaite, a naturally occurring hydrocarbon resin with properties that enhance the performance of critical applications across multiple industries, including oil and gas, ink, paint, construction, asphalt, and foundry.

What is Lump Gilsonite?

Gilsonite lump with ash content between 0 to 25 %. Gilsonite Lump found in vertical veins. They are between 2-6 feet in width. They`re parallel to every difference and square measure adjusted during northwest to southeast direction. They extend several miles long 1500 feet depth. The vein can show up on the surface as a skinny stone and bit by bit widen because it goes deeper. First difference is that fashionable miners use gas breaking hammer and mechanical hoists. Gilsonite could be a natural, adhesive hydrocarbon. This natural asphalt is comparable to arduous petroleum asphalt and is usually referred to as a natural asphalt, asphaltite, uintaite, or asphaltum. gilsonite is soluble in aromatic and aliphatic solvents, also as petroleum asphalt. Because of its distinctive compatibility, gilsonite is usually wanting to harden softer petroleum product. gilsonite in mass could be a shiny, black substance similar in look to the mineral volcanic glass. It’s brittle and simply crushed to dark brown powder.

What is Gilsonite Powder?

Gilsonite Powder has special properties that make it valuable. In summary, this substance is a combination of 100 different elements; and it can be well combined with more than 160 external elements.
Gilsonite also has a softness rate of 148 to 240 Celsius degrees. This means that at this temperature it becomes almost liquid. Finally, the permeability of Gilsonite is 4 hundred millimeters. These properties have led to the use of this material in various industries.
This substance is finally used after extraction in the form of lumps or powders that are dark brown to black in color. The first modern feature of this material was that it was insulated against water and moisture penetration. For this reason, it was first used to insulate wooden boats. However, after that, the variety of applications became much greater. Of course, they have been used as fuel.

What is Micronized Gilsonite?

Micronized Gilsonite (Natural bitumen) with a diameter of 80 to 400 mesh and 0 to %25 ash content:
the gilsonite producer with experienced and specialized staff is able to process Gilsonite and convert it to Gilsonite powder in sizes of 80 to 400 mesh and pack according to customer’s request.