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Financial Park, 87000, Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan, Malaysia
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About Us


About us

We are one of leading manufacturer and miner of Gilsonite" natural asphalt, natural bitumen" and other chemicals necessary for drilling mud across Europe and South America.

Chemical Mine World Ltd was founded in 2003 in Malaysia. The special environment of Malaysia provided Chemical Mine World Ltd with the access to networks of production and consumers of chemical products. Through effective mergers and partnerships with known producers in the Middle East, now Chemical Mine World Ltd produces and supplies a range of custom-processed materials and chemicals essential to drilling and asphalt operations.

We are mainly concentrated on high and medium quality products, and quickly developing our market across Europe and North America. Due to our wide access to different chemical and petrochemical mines in the Middle East, we can offer our products with very attractive and competitive prices.

Chemical Mine World Ltd manufactures and supplies a diverse range of Gilsonite and Natural Asphalt for Road Construction and Drilling Fluid ( Drilling MUD, Paint and Coating, Ink, Conditioners and Bitumen Resin.

Chemical Mine World Ltdfacility has the prestigious quality certificates of API & OCMA (API & OCMA Spec.Q1).
Chemical Mine World Ltd has the capacity to produce over 60,000 Metric tons/Year of different powder products in three separate production lines. Operations are continuous and automated, with over 40 personnel working in two daily shifts.

Our Mission:

Our mission is providing high, and medium quality Gilsonite to serve our customers’ requirements around the world with highly competitive prices. We are dedicated to high quality control standards, and at the same time flexible to customize products to satisfy our customers’ requirements.

 Quality Control:

Our employees are focused on quality and continually look for new and innovative solutions to customers' needs in the global market. Each product is subject to intense quality control to assure that each material meets the specifications.


Chemical Mine World Ltd offers consistent quality Gilsonite (Natural Asphalt, Natural Bitumen) for different uses such as Road Construction, Drilling Fluid (Drilling MUD), Paint and Coating, Ink, Conditioners, and Bitumen Resin.